Library requirements for building Stupidfilter:

  • flex
  • libboost-serialization-dev

On Ubuntu 8.04, you should be able to just run

sudo apt-get install build-essential flex libboost-serialization-dev
make install

The Makefile may require a little bit of tweaking, specifically the path to your Boost serialization library, which in the test environment was /usr/lib/libboost_serialization-gcc42-mt-1_34_1.a

To run the StupidFilter directly just type bin/stupidfilter data/c_rbf

It will take data from standard in followed by a EOF and return a 0.000000 classification for stupid text and a 1.000000 for nonstupid text. Once we have regression working more accurately, this number will be actually be a floating point that describes how sure we are of the classification, so it's worth keeping it as a float in your implementations.

We have provided an example bash implementation in Note that we're normalizing whitespace with a call to sed. It's a good idea to strip HTML and normalize whitespace to avoid false positives.